Sauls Seismic and Nomis Seismographs, Portfolio Companies of Lazarus Capital Partners, Sold to Benford Capital Partners

Sauls Seismic (Sauls) provides a broad range of outsourced continuous seismic and environmental monitoring services through a contract-based, hardware-as-a-service (“HaaS”) business model. Sauls also provides pre- and post-blast inspections, public relations, complaint handling, and blasting claims consulting to its customers.  Nomis Seismographs (Nomis), which is also headquartered in Birmingham, manufactures seismic monitoring equipment that monitors ground vibrations and air overpressure. Nomis also provides aftermarket calibration and repair services for the equipment.  The equipment and services of the companies are relied upon by customers in the quarrying, construction/infrastructure, and mining sectors to comply with regulatory requirements, provide liability protection, and optimize operating performance.